In the salon I offer beauty treatments such as relaxing Facials, Temporary and Permanent make-up, Waxing, Epilation with thread, Scalp Pigmentation and Stem-Cell hair growth treatments.


The basis for beautiful, healthy skin is a good facial treatment, for both men and women!
In addition to regular cleansing and care of your facial skin, I tackle problems such as acne.

There is a wide choice of treatments in the field of hair removal. You can read more about this below.
One of my specialties is hair removal 'with the thread'.

I also offer treatments against hair loss where there are options to stimulate actual hair growth or to camouflage the effects of  hair loss via scalp micro-pigmentation.


The finishing touch for every face is of course good make-up. You can contact me for a tailor-made make-up advice, day/evening make-up and permanent make-up described in further detail below.

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Hair removal 'by wire'

I remove hair on the face and eyebrows by means of epilation with cotton thread. This method has been known in the Middle East for centuries and I was one of the first specialists to apply this method in the Netherlands. When performing hair removal of the eyebrow, this method gives the possibility to apply the correct shape of the eyebrow very precisely. The hairs are pulled out deeply, which ensures that the hairs stay away longer and the eyebrow maintains it desired shape.

But the most important thing is that the skin is not pulled and therefore remains tight.



The salon is also the place to be for small treatments, such as dyeing eyelashes and / or eyebrows or for waxing under arms, arms and / or legs. I use a homemade wax to remove hair on various parts of the body. The recipe for this I brought from my native Iran and it consists of pure natural ingredients.

It is always freshly prepared, which is why this wax does not have to contain any preservatives.


A facial treatment is the most popular form of non-surgical skin improvement and makes the skin more radiant, younger and healthier. Every day our skin is exposed to pollution and radiation and this has unpleasant consequences. Moreover, it is sometimes quite difficult to pay enough attention to your skin in addition to a busy job and busy social life. A good facial treatment can then offer a solution. During a facial treatment, your face gets all the attention and the extensive care will restore your skin and bring it back into balance.

A facial treatment with me means that I:

  • Perform a complete skin analysis.
  • Start with a superficial cleansing of the face to remove daily pollution.
  • This is followed by a thorough scrub to deeply cleanse the skin.
  • The face is steamed to open the pores.
  • When the face and pores are ready, impurities (blackheads and milia) are expertly removed.
  • Depending on your skin, a mask now follows that further cleanses the skin and closes the pores.
  • Finally, I apply the right facial cream and it is massaged well into the skin.

After the treatment, your facial skin will feel soft and healthy and you will be relaxed and recharged.

(Permanent) Make-up

Permanent make-up is for anyone who wants to look well-groomed at all times of the day (and night), who has little time or has difficulty making up. Even if you are allergic to regular make-up, permanent make-up is the solution.

Perfect under all circumstances, including sports, in the sauna or while swimming: Your permanent make-up always stays in place and looks its best.

Permanent make-up can be used to accentuate and / or correct eyebrows, lips or eyelids.

It remains visible for a longer period of time, which provides a daily comfort without the effort.

Scalp-pigmentation &
Stem-cel treatment

This treatment consists of 2 options.

  1. Micro Hair Pigmentation is a special technique in which I apply very small dots of pigment to the skin. This way you simulate hair strands and the scalp looks fuller.
    This technique fades barely if at all for a long-lasting result.
  2. The stem cell treatment promotes actual hair growth and stimulates hair follicles.
    This technique has the advantage that actual new hair will start to grow.