At Hair & Beauty Studio Meerhoven I have been offering you the best care for both your hair and skin since 2004. In my salon you can find everything in the field of skin and hair care.

I have been in the business since 1986 and in my salon I take care of all your hairdressing treatments, for both women, men and children, varying from a well-cut haircut to various types of coloring and styling.


You can also visit my salon for a relaxing facial treatment, make-up,hair removal and advice.I also make use of my knowledge of various non-western techniques. I also set and take care of your permanent make-up and give various treatments to stimulate hair growth on scalp or eyebrows. 


Of course you can purchase the products I use, directly at the salon and you will receive advice on how you can best care for your hair and skin at home for healthy and shiny and beautiful hair and a radiant and beautiful skin.


Take a look around the website or make an appointment right away.